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ohmvo flexible heat solutions

We make the heat flow
ohmvo has developed a new technology of ultra-thin and powerful silicone heating mats. We study and customize all our flexible silicone heaters to bring your most complex projects to the right temperature.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement Number 889059


Contact our engineers. They will be able to assist you in all your flexible heater needs!

Our latest success stories using silicone rubber heaters

All our products are supported on a modified silicone compound

that enhances thermal conductivity.

Our exclusive application technology allows a customized product for flexible heating mats, drum heaters and tank heaters, ice protection solutions, epoxy curing applications, silicone electrodes and an infinite number of tailor-made applications.
ohmmat nano - ultra thin silicone composite header

ohmmat nano, the heater you cannot see

OHMMAT NANO, a simple and cost effective way to convert a composite in a heater. The best of composite and silicone rubber worlds bonded by the strength of Nanotechnology.
Custom designed drum and tank heaters

Drum heaters and tank heaters

Liquid heating in drums and tanks is commonly needed in the industry. The extreme adaptability, flexibility and heat transmission of ohmvo silicone mats make them the ideal tool to heat or maintain temperature standard drums or big tanks.
ear straps to relieve pain from face masks

Silicone ear straps

Silicone is the ideal material to facilitate the mask’s wearing and eliminate irritations, especially on the ears. The ohmvo silicone straps can be cleaned with soap or alcohol, so they are hygienically optimal. Contact us to discuss your needs and quantities required.

Our flexible silicone heating products

ohmvo flexible heating mats

Silicone heater mats

OHMMAT. Our flexible silicone heating blankets are able to transfer heat to any shape with high specific power delivery.

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ohmvo drum heaters

Silicone heating belts and drum heaters

OHMBELT. With virtually unlimited length, our silicone rubber heaters adapt to any drum size, shape, tank, rotor you might need to heat.

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ohmvo heating pads

High-Performance reusable press pads

OHMPAD. Our high-performance silicone rubber designed for use in rigid and rigid-flex multilayer.

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ohmvo ultra thin heating mats

Electrically conductive silicone sheets

OHMSHIELD. This product provides protection against electrostatic discharge and as a gasket ensuring EMI protection.

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ohmvo thermal shields

High thermal conductive silicone Pads

OHMTHERM. These pads allow heat transfer between two components that cannot achieve a proper thermal interface.

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ohmvo custom made flexible heating solutions

Let’s fly to the moon!

If you are facing any heating challenge
(even the most daring ones)…

…it is better to know what ohmvo can do for you!