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Ohmvo Flexible Heat

Leaders in technology for silicone heating mats: more flexible, powerful and adaptable than any other mat in the market.

In 2015, Ohmvo’s team began their hot adventure. They were excited to explore new territory and challenged themselves to push their limits. The adventure was a success, and they learned a lot about themselves along the way.


With a large expertise on chemistry and thermal management, 

As a chemist, we have a deep understanding of how chemical reactions work. Ohmvo also have extensive experience with thermal management, so we’ve developed a new technology for manufacturingsilicone heating mats. With this new technique, we can create thinner, more efficient mats that heat up quickly and evenly. 


Silicone has a variety of useful properties, including thermal conductivity. This makes it an ideal material for breaking thermal barriers. We have developed a range of thermally conductive silicone compounds that can be used in a variety of applications.



From 2022, we can deliver 4W/cm2 on our heaters,

We are far more flexible than other silicone heaters. This allows us to adapt to a variety of shapes and sizes, making us the perfect choice for your heating needs.

We have developed a new electrically conductive silicone that can be used in a variety of applications, from electrical wiring to computer chips. This innovation will help make our products more efficient and reliable.

Ohmvo’s patented solution can heat up composite structures from the inside. This allows for more precise and efficient heating, as well as preventing potential damage to the outer layer of the structure.

Ohmvo manufactures shielding blankets. They also create conductive paintings and electrodes. Each electrode is made with precision and care. The shielding blankets are made to protect against high ratios of electromagnetic fields.

Extremely adaptable, very flexible, and extremely thin but also extremely robust, this material is ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Its unique properties make it perfect for many different situations and environments. Ohmvo products are a unique solution for our customers’ demand.

We are proud of our accomplishments. 

But we know that heating solutions are mostly related to problem solving than product manufacturing. However, Ohmvo also produce heating solutions. Problem solving is the key element in heating solutions. To solve a problem, you must first identify it and then find a solution that fits the problem.

That is why we listen, we cooperate, and we design for you. We make the heat flow.

We love what we do and will strive for perfection in whatever we accomplish for you.


Calders de Lavern, August 2022

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