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Heat in motion

ohmvo’s team started this hot adventure in 2015.

With a large expertise on chemistry and thermal management, we developed a new technology to manufacture silicone heating mats. We developed thermically conductive silicone compounds to break thermal barriers and to improve our heaters efficiency.

Seven years later, we can deliver 4W/cm2 on our heaters, we are far more flexible than other silicone heaters, we have developed electrically conductive silicone, we are able to heat inside composite structures (Patented), we manufacture shielding blankets and conductive paintings and electrodes. Adaptative, extremely flexible, extremely thin and extremely robust, ohmvo products are a unique solution for our customers’ demand.

We are proud of our accomplishments. But we know that heating solutions are more related to problem solving than product manufacturing.  That is why we listen, we cooperate, and we design for you. We make the heat flow.

We love what we do and will strive for perfection in whatever we accomplish for you.


Calders de Lavern, August 2022