Custom designed flexible heating solutions


Let’s start a collaboration

We provide a wide range of flexible silicone heating products. But we can offer much more! Our engineers are eager to test their know-how and solve your most challenging heating problems!

We are far to know everything, but we have been involved in more than 200 designs. Each of them was different; each of them was a challenge; each was a custom designed solution!

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We start with the problem definition

You have a heating problem, and you need a flexible team with flexible silicone solutions. We will help you to define the parameters we need to know and offer you the best possible product:

  • working Temperature,
  • volumes/materials to be heated,
  • fixation, Temperature controls,
  • heating power density.
ohmvo, flexible silicone heathers, custom design

Then we find the solution!

Once your needs are defined, our technical department will proceed to the heater design. With our dedicated software, we can design optimized heating etched foil circuit.

Once the design is validated, we can produce prototypes to prove the design and all the applications you need.

Our lab is equipped with tools to guarantee that the heater will no show hot spots through thermography.

We help you to control the heat

Throughout our experience, we have come to design some temperature controllers. If you need a Temperature Control System, ask our team, and we will help you or provide you with a product that matches your needs.

ohmvo, flexible silicone heathers, custom design

We have a full range of flexible heating solutions

Homogenous heating

Anti-icing heating

High-speed heating

A wide range of ohmvo heating products

Tailor-made drum heaters and tank heaters

No matter the shape if it can be done, we will do it. Together, we will fulfill your requirements and bring a solution to your problem. We make custom design for each kind of problem.