Silicone heating products


Silicone heating products provide reliable, consistent heat that can be customized to a wide variety of needs. Whether you’re looking to ease pain or keep warm, these products can help. And because they’re made of silicone, they’re durable and long-lasting.

Silicone heater mats​

OHMMAT. Silicone heating mats are excellent for transferring heat to irregularly shaped objects. They are also very flexible, so they can be easily wrapped around curved surfaces with high density power

Drum heaters & heating belts

OHMBELT. Our silicone rubber heaters adapt to any drum size, shape, tank, rotor you might need to heat. No matter what your drum size, shape, tank, or rotor is, our silicone rubber heaters can be adapted to suit your needs.

Electrically conductive silicone heaters​

OHMMAT NANO. The heater you cannot see! Our own produced electrically conductive silicone is the heart of heat generation. A silicon deposition can be embedded in composite structures to create a variety of items, ranging from phone cases to medical implants. This simple process can be used to create products that are both strong and flexible, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Excellent for : windmill blades, wings, structures…

Thermal conductive products

OHMTHERM. Our proper thermal interface management to keep your devices running smoothly. Our offer includes a complete TIM solution that will help you avoid any future problems. With our help, you can keep your devices running at peak performance. High thermal conductivities, customized thicknesses and shapes as well as different finishings available

Electrically conductive silicone sheets

OHMSHIELD. This product provides protection against electrostatic discharge by channeling it away from sensitive components. The corona effect is also avoided, prolonging the life of the device and can act as a gasket ensuring EMI protection.