Standard or customized drum heaters and tank heaters

Liquid heating in drums and tanks is essential across various industries.
Ohmvo silicone belts offer extreme adaptability, flexibility, and efficient heat transmission, making them perfect for heating or maintaining temperatures in both standard drums and large industrial tanks.
Easy to install and cost-effective, the ohmbelt family is ideal for enhancing new or existing process plants.
Whether you need a standard or fully customized solution, Ohmvo provides the necessary support to meet your application’s requirements.

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Ohmvo‘s silicone drum heaters and silicone tank heaters offer exceptional thermal insulation, high temperature control, and reliability.


These drum heaters are designed for standard or customized applications, providing solutions for heat management in industrial settings.

Drum heaters : For who ?
Drum heaters : For who ?
What are the different parts of a silicone drum heater ?
What are the different parts of a silicone drum heater ?

Drum heat solutions

Standard Drum Heaters

ohmvo offers 4 standard models for drum capacities. Available for 30L, 60L, 120L, and 200L drums, these drum heaters ensure optimal viscosity reduction and consistent heat.

Tank Heaters

Industrial tank heaters and tank immersion heaters for large-scale applications, ensuring efficient tank heating.

Customized Heating Solutions

In addition to their standard offerings, Ohmvo‘s Ohmbelt can be customized to fit any cylindrical requirements or power wattages.

Originally designed as drum heaters, these versatile belts now provide a broad range of heating solutions.

They are ideal for curing large round parts, heat treatments, metal dilatation, and chemical reactor heating. Ohmbelt can be manufactured in virtually any length, making it a cost-effective alternative to large, expensive ovens for various industrial processes.



  • Curing large round parts


  • Heat treatments


  • Metal dilatation


  • Chemical reactor heating


Ohmvo’s customizable solutions ensure efficient and reliable heating for a wide range of industrial needs.

Ohmbelt drum heater key benefits

Silicone Drum Heater in Action
Silicone Drum Heater in Action
Introduction to Silicone Drum Heaters

Ohmbelt drum heaters offer numerous advantages, making them an excellent choice for industrial applications:

  • Fast fluid viscosity reduction: Quickly reduces the viscosity of liquids in drums and tanks.


  • High thermal conductivity and heating power: Ensures efficient and powerful heat transfer.


  • High endurance and extreme resistance: Designed for reliability and durability in harsh conditions.


  • Outstanding flexibility and high metal adhesion: Adaptable to various surfaces with strong adhesion.


  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals: Rated IP67 for moisture and chemical resistance.


  • Uniform temperature distribution: Provides consistent temperature across the drum or tank.


  • Optimized thermal management: Efficient thermal insulation for controlled temperature maintenance.


  • Tailored format sizes: Customizable to specific needs.


  • Easy handling: User-friendly design for convenient application and use.

Standard drum heaters

Viscous Fluid Management with drum heaters
Viscous Fluid Management with drum heaters
Silicone drum and tank heaters
Silicone drum and tank heaters

Ohmvo offers a comprehensive range of drum heaters within the ohmbelt family, catering to standard 200L, 120L, 60L, and 30L drums.

These drum heaters are ideal for maintaining specific temperatures and reducing viscosity of liquids.

The standard ohmbelts are equipped with either a built-in Klixon (customer-specified temperature) or a regulating thermostat for precise heat control.

This ensures consistent thermal insulation and reliable heat distribution across the drum.


Drum heater features

  • Uniform temperature distribution


  • High thermal conductivity


  • Customizable heating elements


  • Reliable temperature control
ohmvo drum heaters and tank heaters

Temperature increase in time

ohmvo drum heaters and tank heaters
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