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ohmmat is a flexible heating mat made of high-performance silicone rubber. Our product has outstanding heating performances far beyond similar products in the market. ohmmat belongs to the ohmvo product family for heating or maintaining the temperature of any device in customized shapes, power and thicknesses.

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The Ohmvo flexible heater mats provide superior heating capabilities and customization options. They are ideal for various industrial applications including military, aeronautics, catering, medical, and refrigeration.

Silicone heater mats with outstanding performances

Ohmvo’s flexible heater utilize high-quality heating element materials, ensuring durability and efficiency.

These mats incorporate etched foil heating elements with better performances than wire wound heaters, offering robust mechanical strength and excellent dielectric properties :

  • High flexibility and mechanical strength
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Fully customizable design
  • Easy to adapt to complex shapes
  • Embedded temperature sensor (Optional)
  • Working temperature from -60° to 240°C
  • Specific power up to 4 W/cm2
  • Flexible heat conductive material
Heating for esthetics - Aeronautical tools - Laboratory heaters/heater for labs


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Our silicone heating elements and flexible heaters are versatile and can be customized to fit complex shapes. Whether you need a flexible tank heater, printed heater, or custom heating element, Ohmvo provides tailored solutions :

  • Military : mantaining the temperature in electronic circuits.
  • Aeronautics : composite materials curing.
  • Catering equipment : bain-marie, double boilers, hotplates, trays, dishwashing.
  • Medical : diagnostic analysis, thermotherapy.
  • Laboratory : thermostatic bath, ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Rolling stock : floor heating, liquid and air conditioning antifreeze systems.
  • Refrigeration : antifreeze systems.
  • Others : heating tools, drum heating, antifreeze ski applications.

Control, safety and fixation accessories

Each flexible heater element can be designed to meet specific requirements. We offer silicone rubber flexible heaters, sheath wire heaters, and wire wound heaters. Additionally, our flexible heating coils and flexible heating foils ensure even heat distribution.

Equipped with embedded temperature sensors and thermal protection, our flexible silicone heaters are safe and reliable. We provide a variety of heater wire and resistance heater wire options to suit different caracteristics :

  • PT100 and Thermocouples (J and K)
  • Thermal protection (Klixon thermostat at different temperatures: 60, 90ºC)
  • Velcro or spring closures. Adhesive fixation
  • Stretchable bands
Pet food machinery
Pet food machinery
Anti-condensation solutions
Anti-condensation solutions
Drum heaters
Drum heaters
Ohmvo’s flexible heaters are the ideal solution for various heating needs. Explore our range of flexible heating mats and contact us for custom solutions that meet your specific requirements. Ask for your custom solution:

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