Flexible heating mats

ohmvo silicone heaters - ohmmat

ohmmat is a flexible heating mat made of high-performance silicone rubber. Our product has outstanding heating performances far beyond similar products in the market. ohmmat belongs to the ohmvo product family for heating or maintaining the temperature of any device in customized shapes, power and thicknesses.

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Silicone mat heaters with outstanding performances

  • High flexibility and mechanical strength
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Fully customizable design
  • Easy to adapt to complex shapes
  • Embedded temperature sensor (Optional)
  • Working temperature from -60° to 240°C
  • Specific power up to 4 W/cm2
  • flexible heat conductive material


  • Military: mantaining the temperature in electronic circuits.
  • Aeronautics: composite materials curing.
  • Catering equipment: bain-marie, double boilers, hotplates, trays, dishwashing.
  • Medical: diagnostic analysis, thermotherapy.
  • Laboratory: thermostatic bath, ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Rolling stock: floor heating, liquid and air conditioning antifreeze systems
  • Refrigeration: antifreeze systems.
  • Others: heating tools, drum heating, antifreeze ski applications.

Control, safety and fixation accessories

PT100 and Thermocouples (J and K)

Thermal protection (Klixon thermostat at different temperatures: 60, 90ºC)

Velcro or spring closures. Adhesive fixation

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