Thermal conductive pads and silicone sheets

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Ohmtherm is a cutting-edge product designed to improve heat transmission for power electronic components.

Our thermal conductive pads provide exceptional high thermal conductivity and dielectric strength, ensuring perfect electrical insulation.

The high compressibility and hardness of the material allow for excellent contact, optimizing heat transfer to specific heatsinks.


OhmTherm key features :

  • High thermal conductivity available in various values


  • Silicone sheets for superior mechanical properties


  • Options for different thicknesses


  • Self-adhesive layer for perfect fixation


  • Enhanced dimensional stability and operating temperature range


Experience superior thermal interface material with Ohmtherm for reliable performance and durability.

Key characteristics of Ohmtherm

ohmtherm - High thermal conductive silicone Pad
  • Optimal mechanical and thermal properties for superior performance


  • High thermal conductivity and dimensional stability for reliable operation


  • Usable over a wide temperature range


  • Provides excellent electrical insulation


  • Features a smooth surface for easy application


  • Made from oil-free material for cleanliness and efficiency

Enhanced thermal management with Ohmtherm

ohmtherm - High thermal conductive silicone Pad


  • Silicone sheets with self-adhesive layers for easy application


  • Suitable for a wide operating temperature range

Our Ohmtherm thermal conductive pads are engineered for optimal heat transfer in power electronic components. These images showcase the versatility and efficiency of our products in various applications.

Key benefits:

  • High thermal conductivity for superior performance


  • Excellent electrical insulation


  • Dimensional stability and compressibility


  • Available in various shapes and sizes for different needs
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Enhanced thermal management with Ohmtherm