Thermal conductive pads and silicone sheets

ohmvo silicone heaters - ohmtherm

ohmtherm is a high thermal conductive product to improve the heat transmission for power electronic devices. Our product provides a highly dielectric strength and this is a perfect electrical insulation. The high compressibility and hardness of the material allows a perfect contact to allow a perfect heat transmission to specific heatsinks.

ohmtherm is available in different thermal conductivity values, thicknesses, and can also be supplied with a self-adhesive layer to offer a perfect fixation.


  • Optimal mechanical and thermal properties
  • High thermal conductivity and dimensional stability
  • Usable over a wide temperature range
  • Electrical insulation
  • Smooth surface
  • Oil free material
ohmtherm - High thermal conductive silicone Pad
ohmtherm - High thermal conductive silicone Pad
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